Welcome to the
3STEP Online World

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Welcome to the 3STEP
Online World

Learning from the comfort of your home,
at your own pace
Learning from the comfort of your home, at your own pace

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Our Online Lectures are a powerful tool, particularly beneficial for those residing abroad seeking to enhance their understanding of Additive Prosthodontics and the 3STEP Method.
Moreover, they provide an excellent opportunity to thoroughly prepare for the face-to-face courses with Dr. Francesca Vailati.
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Join our dental revolution and
learn the 3STEP method

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CLASSIC, PLUS, and DEEP Learning

To assist you in selecting the most suitable online learning experience, we offer 3 types of exclusive theoretical Online Lectures: CLASSIC, PLUS, and DEEP LEARNING, tailored for beginners, intermediates, and advanced participants, respectively.
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The basis to the 3STEP Method:
essential diagnostic skills for selecting and analyzing patient populations with a holistic approach.

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Tailored for individuals already acquainted with the 3STEP method, whether through previous in-person sessions with Dr. Vailati or the CLASSIC series, the PLUS Online Lectures aim to elevate your dental practice.

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DEEP Learning

For those with a robust 3STEP foundation, the DEEP LEARNING series explores complex topics such as advanced diagnostics, treatment planning, functional dynamics, and laboratory collaboration.

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We take your educational journey seriously. You?

Our annual Master Lecture

Purchasing any 3STEP Online Collection within the same year will entitle you to participate in our annual Master Lecture — a 2 hour live streaming event hosted by Francesca Vailati.

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We your feedback!

Marco Brasili

Ho capito negli ultimi anni che le mie riabilitazioni estetiche erano incomplete, mancava la parte funzionale. Grazie al metodo 3STEP sono riuscito a migliorare notevolmente il livello delle mie terapie.
Poi, devo ammetterlo, oltre alla tecnica, sono rimasto affascinato dall’entusiasmo e dall’empatia trasmessa da Francesca! Che dire, non un corso, un’esperienza di vita!
Grazie Francesca!

Marisol Michelet

Francesca is a true visionary! Her 3STEP method is already a true branch of modern Prosthodontics, an extraordinary innovation in contemporary Dentistry over the last 20 years. The 3STEP method made me understand the reasons for dental damage and its “dynamic” causes, before proceeding to any restorative treatments.

Giovanna Vaglio


Je connais Francesca depuis 20 ans et j’ai eu la chance d’assister à la naissance de la 3STEP. Une technique révolutionnaire et non invasive qui aide CONCRÈTEMENT les dentistes à résoudre ces cas qu’on ne voudrait jamais voir franchir le seuil du cabinet! Les cours sont d’ailleurs en constante évolution : depuis 20 ans que je la suis, je n’ai jamais assisté une seule fois au même cours! Avec Francesca on ne s’ennuie jamais et il y a vraiment beaucoup à apprendre de sa technique et de sa philosophie de traitement.

Judit Papase

He realizado cada curso 3STEP y Funfunction varias veces en e- learnings, streaming y presenciales. Lo recomiendo al 100%. En cada uno he ampliado mucho mis conocimientos. Continuaré entrenado con 3STEP porque para mí se ha vuelto imprescindible para mi práctica diaria.
Enjoy our face to face courses


Have you ever experienced a course live with Dr. Vailati? It is a (professional) life changing experience...
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Ready to face a real
3STEP case?


A 3-day course conceived to explain the technical aspects of the 3STEP technique following the treatment of a real patient treated by Dr. Vailati in her private practice.
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Another way to understand occlusion


A 2-day course that offers an innovative gnathological approach, especially in the treatment of dysfunctional cases.
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Let’s correlate occlusion...
to the rest of the body!


A 3-day course that offers in addition to the TOPICS of the course FUNFUNCTION, an additional day where a deeper exploration of the function of the mouth will be presented.