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  • The high level of patient acceptance Earlier interception
  • Easier rehabilitations
  • Failures accepted by patients Failures easy to be solved
  • The new materials, like the CAD/CAM composite
  • The attention to gnathology
  • The determination of jaw position with anterior stop
  • The different white bites
  • The new palatal veneers (Tacos)
  • Why patients often have every right to complain.
  • Why it is dangerous to use subtractive dentistry to check occlusion.
  • How an additive approach can help you treat a wider population of patients.


  • Dr Francesca Vailati provides all the elements necessary to make a differential diagnosis between erosion and parafunction.
  • Quantify the damage according to the degree of loss of dental structure by making a differential diagnosis through the analysis of incisal edge
  • Plan the future aesthetic and functional result through a targeted wax-up and correct use of dental photographs
  • Learn how to identify the signs of dental erosion
  • Identify the causes of the erosive wear
  • Make a differential diagnosis between erosion and dysfunction
  • How to predict the progression of the erosive damage, make a diagnosis, and propose the treatment plan to the patient.


  • Why the full-mouth wax-up should be progressive
  • Why the mock-up should be external
  • What to record during the mock-up visit, focusing both on the decided esthetic and functional outcome.
  • Analyze the relationship between anterior contacts, increased VDO and posterior space
  • Be familiar with the anterior stop
  • Use the anterior stop in the mouth as an anterior jig to reconfirm the bite registration at the increased VDO
  • See the progression of the wax from the external aesthetic aspect to the posterior functional quadrants
  • See how many different white bites can be used
  • Learn how to evaluate the occlusion after the white bite is delivered
  • Learn the 8 Steps of the protocol to check the treatment before completing the 3Step procedure
  • Learn how to prepare the teeth for the palatal veneers
  • Learn how to seal the exposed dentin follow a real case from the beginning of the 3Step to the control visit
  • Learn the operative steps of the adhesive protocol to bond palatal veneers
  • Get familiar with the CAD/CAM composite as a new material for palatal veneers.
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All courses

Buy all twelve courses at a discount!