The first steps, introducing you to 3STEP WORLD

The CLASSIC Collection is perfect for those who face the 3STEP world for the first time. In these exhaustive Online Lectures, Dr. Francesca Vailati deals with the initial diagnosis that every clinician must know to select the type of population to analyze with a global vision.
In this group of lectures, you will also find the basic guidelines of the famous 3STEP technique, described in the details adapted for a public who has little if any expertise in full-mouth rehabilitations. Finally, the CLASSIC Collection can be a good combination with the 3STEP book, as the lectures are the perfect review of many of the topics discussed in the book.
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Let’s see what Francesca has to say…

CLASSIC Online Lectures


Are you familiar with Dr. Vailati’s Additive World?

If not and you are curious, these 3 videos are the perfect start to get to know her CLASSIC Online Lectures, recorded during the special time of the pandemia. They will provide you a glimpse on what the 3STEP Method could bring to your professional life.


Are you ready to get to know better your patient?

These 4 video lectures will boost your capacity to impress your patient with an keen initial diagnosis. It is so important to make a excellent first impression. Impressed patients accept better our treatment plans.


This is an incredible Collection of lectures on the 3STEP Method!

For the first time in her teaching carrier, Dr. Vailati will explain her technique using a e-learning platform. The challenge to speak in front at a computer and not loose the audience’s attention has pushed her to record these outstanding lectures, easy to follow and very didactic, ideal for whom would like to be guided more while reading the book or before attending the practical course HANDS ON.
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Introduction + Diagnosis + 3STEP Method